Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another traveling housewife who enjoys shit as much as I do...

Every day, I check my blogs for new comments.  When I'm using my iPad, I use Google to get to the site.  This morning, while struggling to wake up, I checked my iPad and ran across another blog written by someone calling herself The Traveling Housewife.  Granted, she's not the Traveling Overeducated Housewife-- that's me, of course!  And really, I just dropped the word "educated" because it simplifies the name of my blog, making it easier to fit the title in places like

So anyway, I was curious about this lady's blog, and found out that she's probably as much or even more twisted than I am.  She's American and lives in Shanghai with her husband and two kids.  And her most recent post, dated from March, involves eating dessert at a restaurant where patrons sit on toilets to eat and there's a definite poop motif.  Looking at her photos, I see there are toilets on the walls and glass tables with plates full of simulated poop.  How appetizing!  I have to wonder if they spray a special air spray that makes the atmosphere reek of manure, too...

Since I can get into anything or anyone who enjoys poop stories, I had to join this traveling housewife's blog.  I invite you to at least read a couple of her posts.  She's pretty damn funny!

On another note, I've never really cared much about traveling to Asia, but now that I've seen that there's a restaurant with a shit motif, I might just have to make plans to go there.  The other blogger has helpfully provided a link, so you can check it out for yourself.  Damn, a trip to Modern Toilet Restaurant would be a dream come true for someone who enjoys scatological humor as much as I do.

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