Monday, April 8, 2013

Never mind...

I purchased a new camera yesterday, the Nikon CoolPix P330.  It's supposedly a brand new camera with GPS, wi-fi, and stereo sound for videos.  Hopefully, I'll like it... or at least be able to use it on our trip.  Now that I'm learning how to use iMovie, I want something I can make decent videos with.

Someone told me I should get a videocamera instead of a still camera.  But I wanted something compact, that would not be cumbersome and complicated to use.  And really, I take a lot more still photos than video, anyway.  So hopefully, my new camera will enable me to make some good videos... and hopefully, this won't be the last decent trip where I can use my fancy new camera.

In a month, we'll be in Europe and I'm really looking forward to it, hoping to see and learn new things and meet new people.  Hopefully on this SeaDream cruise, there won't be too many people holding court.  Honestly, this may be our last SeaDream cruise.  There are other lines we want to try and SeaDream is very pricey.  We'll see.  I usually end up in a drunken stupor on the last full day and pull out my credit card.


  1. I don't remember for ceertain which countries to which you'rre traveling - I know one is Italy -- but my Aunt Cristelle said both Italy and Greece are places where a whole lot of theft occurs. The crooks are really sly. Keep the camera and everything else of value close to your body.

    Above all, have fun.

  2. Italy and Greece are where we're going. We have a money belt at the ready! That doesn't mean something bad can't happen, but we're pretty seasoned travelers. Hopefully, all will be well.


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