Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seriously considering taking a cruise on American Safari...

Actually, American Safari merged with another company and they refer to themselves as Un-Cruise Adventures...  They have luxury cruises on small vessels and they have expedition type cruises that aren't all inclusive.  Most of their cruises are in the US, with the exception of one in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

I've been curious about this outfit for a long time and I'm thinking this year might be the time to try them out.  But again, it all depends on whether or not I book something on SeaDream this year.  I do like where Un-Cruise Adventures goes, though.  SeaDream has nothing affordable during our anniversary and Un-Cruise has something that might be doable for us.  We could do a Snake River cruise from Portland, Oregon, or we could go to Hawaii.  I ordered a free promotional DVD from them and watched it.  My husband and I were equally intrigued by the concept of a luxury expedition cruise.

I first heard of American Safari when someone posted on Cruise Critic about them and said they had a wonderful time.  And they go to places SeaDream doesn't go to.

Or... maybe we'll just stay home this year.  I dunno.  I'm ready to plan another big trip, though.

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