Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Old airline ads...

I often like to entertain myself by watching old commercials on YouTube.  Some of the funniest old ads are the ones that were done by the airlines before the industry went down the tubes and terrorism cast a pall of fear over everything.  I took my very first plane ride in 1975.  I don't remember it because I was only three years old.  I bet it was more exciting for everyone to fly in those days.  We were flying to England, which I'm sure was even more exciting than your average, everyday flight was.

The earliest flight I actually remember taking was in January 1978, when my parents took me with them to Tunisia, where they were going to celebrate New Year's.  I don't remember the flight down, but I do remember coming home.  We flew Pan Am and I got a coloring book, little plastic wings, and other goodies.  I think someone gave me too much candy, too, because I distinctly remember getting airsick.

I also remember flying back to the States in the late spring of 1978.  We flew into Dulles, since my parents were planning to settle in the Washington, DC area first.  I remember seeing the signs that said "No Smoking" for some reason...  and being on the tram going back to the airport.  That was the last time I flew anywhere until 1995, when I joined the Peace Corps and went to Armenia to live for two years.  Even back then, I remember air travel not being that bad... at least the flight from Dulles to Paris wasn't bad.  I remember drinking a mini bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream after dinner that they gave us free.  I don't remember the last time I saw a mini-bottle on a flight.

Anyway, here are a few ads I found the other night...  Some of the concepts that came out in the 70s are mind boggling.  I can't imagine an airline of today operating a pub.  I really missed out on the fun years of air travel, didn't I?

Hooters of the skies?

Lobster?  And toilets like home?

I like how the commencement speaker calls the new flight attendants "girls".

This one is totally 80s...

More Hooters...

I dunno.  I flew Continental in 2011 and was profoundly disappointed.

Is she really sewing on a button?

Boo hoo?

Here are ads showcasing Continential's "pub"...

Actor Bob Fuller pitches United's DC-10... complete with lounge!

"Nancy" the stewardess prepares for her first day of work in the "free world"...

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