Friday, May 3, 2013

Two more sleeps...

And I probably ought to focus on SLEEP, since I can't sleep on planes and will probably be exhausted when we get to Italy.  I'm getting pretty excited and am really ready to take this trip, even as I dread the flights involved.  I also know I'm going to miss my dogs and will worry about them, given what happened to MacGregor when we went to Scotland in November.  But Zane and Arran are still pretty young and neither of them is showing any signs of illness or injury.  We don't have them on any medications.  Aside from us all missing each other, it should be okay...

Hopefully, there will be no human emergencies, either... or weather emergencies... strikes, housing disasters, criminal acts, or obnoxious people...  Okay, so maybe obnoxious people would be okay, if all I have to do is observe them.  The last time we were on a SeaDream cruise, there were a few obnoxious people holding court.  They weren't really that rude, except for the size of them and the fact that the dad had a mustache that looked like an overgrown caterpillar.

One of the guys on our last SeaDream cruise tried to get in a fight with some fun loving Norwegians who were onboard.  Naturally, the guy was drunk and very angry.  He was traveling alone and had just lost his wife to breast cancer, so maybe he wasn't in the right place, under the circumstances.

Anyway, I do love our trips because something interesting always happens.  We always run into something or someone odd and worth writing home about.  So I'm interested to find out what or who we'll run into this time.

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