Friday, January 17, 2014

We enjoyed our two nights in Lisbon...

And now we are in Madrid.  I was last here in September 1997 with friends and my sister.  Now I'm here with Bill.  We got up early this morning for the flight here, which we got pretty cheap.  I booked two nights at Hotel Atlantico.

I've been feeling icky today, though we've managed to go out and enjoy the city.  We had a dinner of tapas and wine, which unfortunately didn't agree with me too well.  I'm going to turn in early and hope things improve tomorrow.

I'm collecting some great photos for the trip report I will write when I'm home.


  1. They are basically hot hors d' oeuvres-- finger foods that can be shared.

  2. Hell, they can be cold, too... They're small plates.


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