Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cool storm video from my hometown...

I grew up in Gloucester, Virginia.  A few days ago, there was a severe storm there.  A man named Randy Pryor made this film showing the storm approaching incredibly fast.  It was such a serious storm that it broke his window.

The Coleman Bridge is at the southern end of Gloucester.  I have driven over it countless times in my lifetime.  It looks like Mr. Pryor is on the Gloucester side of the bridge, looking toward Yorktown.  I'm glad he and his dog weren't hurt when the storm broke the window.  That must have been scary!

Gloucester was also hit by the tornado that ripped through the South in April 2011.  Bill and I lived in Sanford, North Carolina at the time and our town also got hit.  The tornado destroyed the local Lowe's store.  I don't remember having these scary tornados when I was growing up.  I guess they are the new reality as the globe warms.   

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