Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bill's favorite Christmas gift...

Maybe I should be ashamed to admit it, but my husband does a lot of the grocery shopping.  He also does a lot of the cooking.  It wasn't always this way.  When we first got married, I cooked and did most of the shopping.  I think things changed at a point when he was still in the Army and his schedule became less predictable.  Fortunately, Bill enjoys cooking and was hoping to expand his recipe repertoire anyway.  I know it doesn't seem like it to those who read this blog, but Bill and I both enjoy cooking and don't always go out to eat.

Christmas time gives me the opportunity to buy cooking related gifts for Bill.  For Christmas 2015, I bought him a bunch of kitchen gadgets we had in the States but forgot to pack.  I also got him a 220 crockpot and food steamer from  I think his favorite gift, however, came from RedOxx bags.  We really like RedOxx bags and own a lot of their stuff.

I discovered RedOxx a few years ago when I was shopping for new luggage.  I liked that the company is American, veteran owned, and innovative.  The designs incorporate a lot of military features that Bill loves.  Everything is very well-made and comes in a variety of colors, which makes spotting my bags on the luggage carousel very easy.  RedOxx bags aren't for everyone.  They don't have wheels, so they have to be carried.  We don't mind carrying them because so many places in Europe have cobblestones anyway, making dragging luggage difficult.

Anyway, this year I noticed how ragged and frayed our ugly green commissary shopping bags were getting.  Bill had also mentioned that the bags, which identify them as coming from the commissary, were a bit too conspicuous for his taste.  He's always thinking of OPSEC.

I decided to buy him a RedOxx Market Tote bag.  I initially only bought one in green, because they cost $35 each and I wanted to make sure he liked it before I bought more of them.  I also got him two Mini Tote bags, which are  $20 each and smaller versions of the Market Tote.  They make great lunch bags.

Bill used the Market Tote the next couple of times he went shopping and asked me to buy a few more of them.  They are handmade, very sturdy, and will probably last a lifetime, so I didn't mind laying out the extra money.

One of the four Market Totes I bought.

A Mini Tote.

Made in the USA.

Well made and spacious interior.

The Mini Tote is similar.

Two other colors.

I realize that $35 plus shipping seems like a lot for a shopping bag.  Fortunately, these bags have a lifetime guarantee and can take a lot of abuse.  They are not sold anywhere but through RedOxx.  Their site is pretty cool anyway, because they have videos of handy packing tips.

Shipping is very fast.  I placed my order on the morning of New Year's Eve local time and the bags  arrived at our APO address yesterday, having been mailed out on New Year's Eve morning in Montana.  They were insured and I got an email from RedOxx letting me know how to track them.  

I am not being paid to write this post.  I have just been very impressed with most of RedOxx's products and thought I'd give them a shout out on my travel blog, especially since I have many military readers.  If you're looking for a good shopping tote or a handy gift for someone who has everything, I can definitely vouch for RedOxx.   

A big pile of RedOxx bags we took on our trip to Scotland in 2012.  My favorite bag of theirs is the SkyTrain.  It's so easy to carry and can handle a lot!


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