Tuesday, October 18, 2016

For those of you reading this blog because of SeaDream Yacht Club...

Have a look at this video!

I haven't been on a SeaDream cruise since May 2013, but I'm hoping to be back sometime... if they ever get SeaDream I up and running again after a recent engine fire.  Before we do another SeaDream cruise, though, I think we will try barging, either with European Waterways or French Country Waterways.

One thing I notice in this video is that they say SeaDream costs 15,000 GBP.  I have not found that to be true, except for when they go to places like the Amazon or Norway.  If it cost that much, there's no way Bill and I could have done it three times.  The cruises are expensive, though, and for us, require a lot of planning. 

I do miss SeaDream.  I have to admit it's been too long since we were last onboard.  And I have yet to try the identical SeaDream II and its legendary staff.  I guess Bill and I better stay in Europe awhile.  

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