Friday, April 20, 2018

Olive Restaurant in Nagold...

We had such marvelous weather all week that I was itching to go have dinner al fresco.  So tonight, Bill and I decided to visit the Olive Restaurant in Nagold.  Although we've lived near Nagold since 2014, this was our first time visiting this Greek spot.  I first noticed it last fall when we visited the Waldachtal Restaurant and then when we went into the Black Forest a couple of months ago.  I could see they had a great Biergarten and today's weather definitely called for that.  And I was in the mood for ouzo, too.  Off we went.

The Olive Restaurant is located on the western outskirts of Nagold.  We pass it when we go to the Black Forest.  Since we don't always go that way when we head west, it's easy to see how we missed this place for the three years we lived here before we had seen it.  The last time we passed it was when we went to see the wolf and bear park last month.  I remember making a mental note to go there the last time we passed it.

Tonight, we parked in their small lot, noticing that the restaurant is also a small hotel.  We walked in at 6:30pm.  A few people were already there, enjoying the covered Biergarten.  I was actually very impressed by the Biergarten.  It's quite large and even boasts a swingset for the kids.  It looked to me like they hadn't quite squared away the garten for the warmer weather, but I was glad to see it open tonight.

The front of the Olive...  

We had a seat and checked out the menu.  I've been following this restaurant's Facebook page, so I know they have some impressive looking food.  But I wasn't that hungry tonight.  We ordered our usual sparkling water and red wine.  Curiously, they didn't have any wine in the menu, but we could see people were ordering it, so we just asked for dry red wine.  We ended up with a half liter of something.

Happy Bill.  I think the weather agrees with him.

They also brought us ouzo with ice in it.  I was immediately reminded of Raki, which is a Turkish thing.  

Bill decided on souvlaki and I went with my usual gyros.  Both dishes came with salads and fries.  I noticed they had fancier dishes that came with "tomato rice".  

Salad.  Not long after we ate them, the lady who brought our entrees accidentally knocked over Bill's water.  It was no big deal and they were quick to clean up the mess.  At least there wasn't any broken glass involved.

My gyros, well seasoned and loaded with raw onions, which I didn't eat much of...  I prefer my gyros lightly onioned.  

Bill's souvlaki, which was tender and juicy.  He really enjoyed it.

While we were eating, about four firetrucks came screaming through the roundabout right outside, along with at least three ambulances.  I have no idea what was going on tonight, but it appeared to be a pretty major incident.  Bill wondered if a factory caught on fire or something.  There were that many emergency vehicles!

We decided we were too full for dessert or coffee, so we called for the check.  The bill came to 37, 30.  At one point, the proprietor asked us if we were American.  We admitted to being American and said we live here.  He said he lives here too.  All of this was said in German, which seemed pretty cool, to me.

The entrance to the very nice Biergarten at Olive.  It looked like they had a number of regulars.

Now that my curiosity is satisfied, I can say that I'd return to Olive in Nagold.  I don't know when that will happen, though, because I have an ever expanding list of places to try... and lots of places I need to visit again.  But if you're near Nagold or live in the area, I can report that this is a nice place.  And in the warmer months, the Biergarten alone makes it well worth a stop.  And your kids can play while the food is being prepared.  

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